Dehydrating Cabbage

My brother dropped off a bushel of cabbage, I used some of it but there is so many heads left.  I know my root cellar should be up and running.  I hope soon.  Until that project is finished I decided to dehydrate the cabbage and will experiment making soups with it.  I make a tomato based soup using hamburger or sausage crumbles and tons of cabbage and my favorite indian cabbage recipe.

Cabbage is very healthy it has the anti cancer compounds in it.  I think that our diets need to improve to prevent some diseases but trust me I’m not going to give up a chance to have a pastry or something sweet just less of them from now on.  Listen who ever heard of going apple picking and not purchasing a dozen apple cider donuts!!!!!!!  You have to enjoy life!!!!!

To dehydrate cabbage all you do is chop, slice or dice into the size pieces that you are going to use it. No blanching required.  For the soup I want to dice it into a large dice.  For my indian dish with cabbage I will shred it.  I will also dice some of the cabbage samller for some other soup recipes I want to try.


So just slice and dice to the size you want.  Place on dehydrator trays and follow your manufacturers temperature for vegetables.  I always dehydrate mine at 115 degrees most of the time I do it overnight.  I have the Excalibur and they recommend dehydrating at 125 degrees.  But I always seem to do my dehydrating overnight and stick with 115 degrees.


When done dehydrating it should be crisp.  Store in airtight container, mason jar with air removed or vacuum seal until ready to use.  Air is your enemy!!

Dehydrating cabbage is very easy.  So instead of letting that head of cabbage linger in frig slice, dice, chop it up and dehydrate it.You can add cabbage to soups.  And I need to experiment with dehydrated cabbage to see what else we can do with it.  But this is how you dehydrate cabbage. Quick YouTube video on how to dehydrate cabbage.

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